Hi everyone,
Welcome to City Girl Bites! I know all about the challenges of city life – as a city girl myself, I face them every day! Everyday situations such as meeting friends for drinks, out of control portions at business dinners, finding time to exercise and tempting office snacks don’t make healthy eating easy. Combined with long hours at the office and a jam-packed to-do list, it can seem downright impossible! The obstacles out there are real, and unfortunately, much of the nutrition advice out there is too restrictive, impractical, vague or downright inaccurate! Even if you know what you should be eating, the hard part is making it fit into your busy life. Well no more! Don’t let your schedule take a toll on your weight and well-being. Whether you’re a city girl or guy, let’s face the challenges of city life together, as I share ways to stay healthy and energized so you can meet the demands of your busy life.

Don’t know where to start? Head back to the Main Page for the newest blog post, or check out some of my videos, or download some free nutrition information on the Downloads page. Have fun, and as always, feel free to email me at mmckittnyc@gmail.com, write on my Facebook wall, or tweet @MMcKittrickRD with questions, comments or topics you’d like me to address!

– Martha

More About Martha:

Martha specializes in the areas of weight control, cardiovascular health, polycystic ovarian syndrome, diabetes, sports nutrition and preventative nutrition. She has worked as a staff dietitian at major New York City Hospital for over 20 years, in addition to her private counseling, speaking and media work. She has appeared on numerous television, radio and webcast programs. She has written for publications including The Journal of The American Dietetic Association, Dietitian’s Edge, Nutrition Today, Allure, Self, Family Circle, New York Newsday and Cooking Light. Martha is known for giving practical nutrition advice to both men and women, both in her individual counseling sessions as well as group lectures. Two of her most popular lecture topics include “Healthy Eating on the Run” and “Tame Your Carbohydrate Cravings”.

Martha was a health expert on WebMD™s Diet and Nutrition Message Board for 7 years. She also developed and led Find Your Ideal Weight: 12 Weeks to a New You weight control program on WebMD. A former exercise instructor, Martha is an avid cyclist and served as the nutritionist for a New York City Marathon.

For more information about private nutrition counseling, spokesperson work, lectures, or writing opportunities, please email Martha at mmckittnyc@gmail.com.