Why Do Men Lose Weight Faster Than Women?

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You and your boyfriend started a weight loss diet on the same day. He already lost 10 pounds and you’ve only lost 3. That’s not fair – you’re working just as hard. Why is it that men tend to lose weight more quickly than women? I get asked this question all the time. There are a few explanations.

Here are some of the reasons:
1. Men tend to weigh more than women. Here are the stats: the average male weighs 195 pounds while the average female weighs 165 pounds. In general, the more you
weigh, the quicker you can lose.

2. Men have more muscle mass than women. More muscle means a faster metabolism and a faster metabolism usually means quicker weight loss. For example, let’s say that both a woman and man weighed 180 pounds. If they ate the same amount of calories and performed the same amount of exercise, you might expect them to lose the same amount of weight. However, it’s likely the man would still lose weight more quickly.

3. Studies have shown that men, on average, have a 5-10% faster metabolic rate than women. These results were obtained after adjusting for differences in body composition, age, and activity. Not much we can do about this one ladies!

4. Women have more estrogen than men. Estrogen increases storage of body fat.

5. Women go through hormonal changes that can slow weight loss. Menopause is one of those times. In addition, some women also get significant PMS which can exacerbate cravings for high calorie foods (usually sweets or salty foods).While this is not an “excuse” for eating, it can occur!

6. Since men tend weigh more than women, they can eat more and still lose weight. For example, a 200 pound guy who is exercising a few times a week can probably eat 2000 calories a day and still lose 1 1/2  pounds a week, while a 150 pound woman would who was also exercising a few time a week would need to eat only 1400 calories to lose 1 1/2  pounds a week. 1400 calories is a lot less than 2000!

The next two statements are based on my observations …

Many women don’t take enough time for themselves. They work, prepare meals, take care of the kids, etc. … and often end up putting their own needs last. This may lead to inadequate sleep, skipping meals and not exercising regularly – all of which can slow weight loss.

In my experience, I also find that more women are emotional eaters than men.

So what’s a woman to do?
While it  may be impossible to keep up with guys when it comes to weight loss, there are a few things you can do to even the playing field

1. Weight train, in addition to performing aerobic exercise. This will help to build or preserve muscle mass and speed your metabolism (pic:workout911.com – for more info on strength training and metabolic rate, read this link

2. Keep a food record. Since our caloric needs tend to be less than most men, every little bite we eat counts! A food record will help you keep track of what you are eating

3. Make taking care of yourself a priority! Get adequate sleep, find the time to exercise, plan healthy meals/snacks and don’t go too long without eating.

Lastly, keep in mind that slow and steady wins the race!




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