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Family on vacation having barbecue

Even though there are only a few weeks left to summer, BBQ season is still in full swing. The month of August is prime time for vacations,
beach parties and get-togethers with families and friends. And warm weather usually means GRILL time .. .and tons of food … and booze! It’s fun in the moment, but not so fun when you try to squeeze into your bathing suit the next day or see the scale spike up Monday morning. Check out Allison Aaron’s (Master’s in Nutrition student at NYU) BBQ slimming tips and download her FREE BBQ Survival Guide.

Ever wonder which is best – a burger or a hot dog? How bad is potato salad? What about steak versus sausage? Looking for recipes for healthy BBQ sides? Look no further – download your FREE BBQ Survival Guide packed with practical tips to help you enjoy your BBQ without the bloat! The good news is that you can still enjoy those barbecues and be able to throw on your bathing suit and frolic on the beach å la those sexy Baywatch lifeguards. All you need to do is follow a few easy barbecue do’s and don’ts. Try some of these tips and then download your BBQ Survival Guide (see bottom of page for link).

BBQ Slimming tips:
1. Don’t think of BBQ’s as a “pig-fest”. Sure, maybe you’ll eat a little extra, but not excuse to go hog-wild.

2. Don’t go starving to a party or BBQ. Have a light snack before you go.

3. Do try to fill up on vegetables instead of the fattening stuff (i.e. chips, sausage)  (pic is of Grill Master Sean grilling up a big slab of meat)

4. Do go for a “naked” burger, especially if you’ve had one bun already.

5. Do pass on starchy sides if you are opting for a bun. Opt for a green salad instead of the mayo-filled potato or macaroni salad.

6. Don’t try to quench your thirst with booze; it will just make you more dehydrated. Go for water instead.

7. Do offer to bring a healthy side dish. See one of the recipes below.

8. Don’t sit or stand near the tempting chips and dip.

9. Do try and get the group involved in a fun physical activity.

10 Wear a skimpy outfit – you’ll be less likely to overindulge if you have your bathing suit on.

Healthy side dish recipes
Check out the following links for recipes for healthy side dishes (nutritional content is included). To cut calories even more, pay attention to the changes I’ve suggested.

I’d like to thank Allison for writing this article and Survival Guide. Allison Aaron completed her undergraduate education at the University of Pennsylvania where she studied Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) and French. However, Allison has always had a passion for nutrition. She is currently completing her masters in clinical nutrition and dietetics at NYU and will be doing her dietetic internship at New York Presbyterian Medical Center. In her free time, Allison loves to go running outside or spinning at SoulCycle. She also enjoys discovering new places to eat and drink with family and friends.

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