Valentine’s Day Food to Get You in the Mood

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With Valentine’s Day around the corner, you may be wondering if there are any foods to get in you “in the mood”.  We often hear that certain foods, such as oysters and chocolate, have aphrodiasiac qualities. The question is – do these foods actually get you in the mood? Read on to find out these answers and check out my video, tips and recipes to help you enjoy this romantic day.

Some foods are considered to be aphrodisiacs because they look like sexual organs. Other foods are loaded with vitamins and minerals and supposedly affect sex organs and sexual desires. For example, oysters contain zinc which may increase testosterone. So does this mean that if you eat a meal containing oysters, bananas and asparagus that you will be ready to pounce on your partner? Research has yet to back this theory up – but it can’t hurt to try!

Watch my video on foods to increase libido

Foods to Get You in the Mood
1. While a romantic dinner can be a great way to start the night, try not to overeat. This might not be the best night to try out the five course meal your local restaurant. There is nothing worse than a bloated belly to kill the mood!

2. Avoid gassy foods such as legumes, cruciferous vegetables. I don’t need to say anything else in this topic …

3. Alcohol in moderation may lower inhibitions and help to set the mood.  However, when consumed in excess, it definitely impairs sexual performance.

4. Red wine has been linked to higher levels of sexual desire in women who were moderate drinkers than in their counterparts who preferred other alcoholic drinks, or who did not drink at all. Just how red wine could have such an effect is not clear, although there are a number of theories. One suggestion is that antioxidants in red wine have a beneficial effect on the lining of blood vessels, widening the vessels and increasing blood flow to key areas of the body. Once again, moderation is the key word here!

5. You may have heard that oysters fuel sexual desire/performance. Oysters, along with other seafood, meats, seafood and liver are rich sources of zinc. Zinc is essential for production of testosterone. Healthy zinc levels are also vital to maintain sperm counts. In addition, the experience of shucking an oyster can be erotic. However, there is no scientific evidence that proves oysters – or any other zinc rich food – actually lives up to its claims of enhancing libido. (

6. Chocolate contains small amounts of a chemical called phenylethylamin (PEA), an amino acid that raises the body’s endorphins. It’s been linked to the regulation of physical energy, mood, and attention. A tiny amount of PEA is released at moments of emotional euphoria, elevating blood pressure and heart rate. However, evidence is lacking that PEA found in foods increases PEA in the brain – although many chocolate lovers may beg to differ! On a positive note, Italian researchers found that women who had a daily intake of chocolate showed higher levels of desire than women who did not have this habit. Their conclusion: chocolate can have a positive physiological impact on a woman’s sexuality.  Check out these 3 easy chocolate recipes:
Chocolate fondue
Chocolate dipped strawberries

7. Asparagus has also been considered an aphrodisiac. It’s rich in vitamin E, which is considered to stimulate the production of sex hormones (testosterone) and may be important for a healthy sex life.  It is acceptable to eat it with your fingers … which in itself can be mood enhancing. And it also has a phallic appearance! (

8. Hot and spicy foods can also heat up your libido. Hot chilies contain capsaicin, a chemical that also increases blood flow and increases mood-enhancing endorphins.

The Erotic Element
Now that we’ve discussed some nutrition tips, it’s time to have fun! Here are some additional tips to get you in the mood:
– Start by taking the time to savor each meal. The art of eating that can be truly erotic
– Champagne and strawberries
– Candles and a dark atmosphere
– Better yet, try dimming the lights, blindfolding your partner and feeding him/her   (pic:
– Serve fingerfoods such as olives or raw vegetables and dip
– Work out together (ever try taking a bikram yoga class … now that’s hot!)
– Massages with body oil (foot and full body)

The final word
Your best bet to get in the mood is to maintain a healthy lifestyle with regards to your diet and exercise. Keeping fit and healthy is the best way to boost your libido! It also can’t hurt to serve food in an attractive way versus just slopping it down on the plate. Light candles and dim the lights. You never know what can happen next. Your food may end up getting VERY COLD ….

One Comment on “Valentine’s Day Food to Get You in the Mood

  1. Mexican cuisine with hot dishes is a good choice for romantic dinner. Interesting fact gold was added to aphrodisiacs in Middle Ages people thought it would rise the libido. Gold was added into fragrances. Well for sure for some people it really works even nowadays. Like some diamond golden ring and etc. Just kidding! I know also Aztec people have been using insects as aphrodisiacs. Also lavender oil and jasmine scent is an aphrodisiac. But in reality the couple should be aphrodisiac for each other this is the main secret!

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