Biting Off the Bulge

Girl Guide Cookies

Watch Out for Girl Scout Cookie Season

It’s Girl Scout cookie season. Thin mints, Do-si-dos, Samoas to name a few. Who can resist these tasty cookies? A spell seems to come over people during this season like suddenly the calories don’t count because we bought the cookies from an ambitious young girl or… Read More »

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100 Healthy Lunches on the Run Free Download

Getting bored with the same old lunch? Finding healthy lunch choices that taste good, are healthy and aren’t loaded with calories and fat seems  impossible. Many of the options out there can easily pack in 800 calories! In honor of National Nutrition Month, I’ve… Read More »

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City Girl Bites: Healthy Bites

Hale and Hearty Soup

Healthy Lunches at Hale and Hearty

What are you having for lunch these days? I bet your usual salad isn’t so appealing when it’s 25 degrees out! Like most of you, I eat lunch “on the run” and am always looking for something that’s convenient, tasty,… Read More »

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Overweight slob watching TV

Getting a Snow Belly? Tips to Avoid Winter Weight Gain

Another snow storm is predicted this week! When will it end? This weather is making me cranky and unmotivated. Bad weather tends to mean more staying at home, indulging in comfort food, watching more tv and spending  less time walking outside and… Read More »

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Goals 2014

8 Ways I Plan on Staying Healthy and Fit in 2014

Happy New Year to everyone! This has been a year of change for me. I moved into a new apartment after over 20 years in the same place(yes, scary!).  Then last summer, I moved my office from CPS to the… Read More »

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Sleeping on the Job

Nutrition Tips for Stressed Out People

No more 7 ½ hour work days and “lunch hours”. The new norms are 10 hr+ work days and lunch inhaled as you hunch over your computer. These kind of days lead to sky high stress levels, fatigue, the tendency… Read More »

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Businessman looks contemplative because of a problem

Top 8 Nutrition Myths DeBunked

New Yorkers are pretty well-informed when it comes to nutrition … most of the time! But even my most nutrition savvy clients can get fooled on occasion. And the media makes it confusing. One you day you read something, the next day it changes! See if you fall prey to any of these common nutrition myths

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Nap Time

How to Stop Slacking from Exercise

Too tired. Not enough time. Have to work late. I’ll do it tomorrow. Sound familiar? We can come up with a million excuses for not exercising. It’s amazing how that little voice in your head can squash your intentions to… Read More »

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Watch Martha’s Diabetes Video on Everyday Health

Meet Deborah – a 51 year old woman with diabetes. She was diagnosed 12 years ago and has been having trouble staying motivated with her treatment plan.Everyday Health contacted me to meet with Deborah to help get her back on… Read More »

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Health Benefits of Walking After Meals

What do you do after eating dinner?I bet it involves sitting – whether it be in front of the television or the computer. And then you go to bed a few hours later. Think about what’s going on in your… Read More »

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